Oysters and Lemon

The Kelly Galway Native Flat Oyster

This oyster was the species originally farmed during Kelly Oysters’ early days – and is still grown and savoured around the world. Native to our Irish shores and sometimes called the European Flat Oyster, it is a favourite with gourmets, chefs and foodies. In season from September to April, they are sought after for their smooth, buttery-rich flavour.

Filtered, Locked-In Flavour
It’s not difficult to see why our oysters capture such a unique flavour. The tide coming in, blending with the rich fresh waters from the Clarinbridge and Kilcolgan rivers – is the perfect recipe. The oysters filter up to 11 litres of this perfect water every hour. This, over a period of between three and five years accounts for a taste that is truly sublime: if the ocean is a taste, this is it.

Our Bespoke Growing Process
Every Kelly Native Flat Oyster is sourced from carefully-managed, sustainable wild oyster fisheries along the West Coast of Ireland. We then on-grow the oysters in the rich estuarine water of our own Kelly oyster beds – where they fatten and develop their unique flavour.

“I have always insisted the oysters are hand-packed with the deep shell down to retain their wonderful juice and are ready for delivery direct to the restaurant.”

Michael Kelly



Patience. Passion. And people who work as one with the sea to grow, nurture and harvest what are described as ‘the best flavoured oysters in the world’. It can be three years’ in the making – but the taste is timeless.


Consistency and Quality

Our state-of-the-art grading machines ensure oysters are sorted meticulously into their four size/weight classes.

This guarantees you will always receive oysters of the specific size you and your customers want.


Packed-In Freshness

We pack all of our oysters in our special woven timber baskets – as practical as they are pleasing.

Each oyster is packed with the deep shell down to retain its wonderful juice, and each basket is packed with fresh seaweed to seal in freshness and flavour.


Helping The Ocean’s Friend

We honour the oyster as the conservation-specialist it is. Because oysters pump large volumes of water through their body as they feed, they filter the water and remove algae – making the ocean cleaner and healthier for every other sea creature.

At Kelly Oysters, making sure oysters continue doing their good work is important – so our re-stocking policy means we ‘give back’ to the ocean.



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