The Euro-Toques Food Awards 2023 took place in Dunbrody House Hotel in Co. Wexford on 24th July, with winners introduced by chef Kevin Dundon and food writer Caroline Hennessy. The awards ceremony was followed by a wonderful feast of Irish produce, including this year’s awards winning products, created by Kevin Dundon and his team at Dunbrody House Hotel. All Euro-Toques producer members and nominees were invited to be part of the afternoon’s celebrations and were given the opportunity to showcase their produce, making this a genuinely rich and impressive celebratory showcase of the finest the island has to offer.

Six awards were presented under the categories Water, Land, Farm, Dairy, Artisan Produce and Craft.

We were delighted to have been awarded the WATER award for our outstanding Blue Rope Mussels and our contribution to regenerative aquaculture in Ireland.



And what a wonderful citation from Euro-Toques Ireland.

The Kelly’s work with the native blue mussel – Mytulis edulis – which thrives in the clean, cold waters of the Irish coast. With a delicate, briny flavour and firm, chewy texture, these small, delicious mollusks are highly prized by chefs who know that starting with a good product means that you don’t have to do much to it.

Farmed sustainably by the Kelly family on the Galway coastline, the mussels are grown using both the long line and mussel raft methods. They live in dense colonies, feeding on the plankton present in the seawater and filtering it as they go. Nutrient dense, environmentally sustainable and absolutely delicious, Kelly’s mussels are an Irish ocean treasure.