What our customers say

"Kelly Oysters are some of the best in the world, and a personal favourite. A pleasure to shuck open, and a treat to serve in my restaurants. I can buy oysters for less but I need to deliver quality and consistency all the time for my customers.The texture of them is very meaty and firm and the flavour is just big, bold ocean … sea salt up front, a grassy note or a seaweed-y note in the middle, and a dry palate finish,”
Patrick McMurray, World Champion Oyster Shucker 2002, Restaurateur - Toronto, Canada.
"Kelly Galway Oysters produces both the Gigas (rock) and Edulis (native) species. They are one of the few remaining operations that do, and thank goodness for that. The sharp, unmistakable mineral quality of the Native sang out immediately. The texture was brilliantly firm, chewy, and full of life."
Julie Qui is a famous oyster blogger and  has travelled the world tasting oysters from 6 continents and has listed Kelly Oysters in Galway in her top 5 favourite oysters.
“Legendary native oysters from the west coast of Ireland – believed by many to be the best tasting oysters in the world.
Rick Stein, Celebrity Chef, Restaurateur and TV Presenter - Padstow, England.
Many times I get asked “If you had one last meal on this earth what would it be?” And every time without hesitation I say “I’ll start with a plate of Kelly’s Native Oysters from Galway”. I am a lover of oysters and I have eaten them all over the world but Kelly’s Oysters are without a doubt the best I have ever tasted!
Clodagh McKenna, Chef, Food Writer & Television Presenter
“When visitors come to Moran’s from all over the world they expect the world's best oyster – That is why I always serve Kelly Oysters.”
Michael Moran, Irish Champion, European Champion and World Champion Oyster Opener,
Restaurateur - Galway, Ireland.