Autumn days may not be so very far away, but nothing takes us back to summer beaches like the taste of a magnificent oyster.

Juicy, buttery and oh-so-briny, shucking and slurping an oyster – it’s like holding the essence of the sea in your mouth. Now you can call back those golden days and relive memories of sun, sea and idyllic harbourside restaurants – with the OPENING OF OUR ONLINE SHOP on 1st September 2020.

It’s the best news for oyster lovers – especially if you’ve missed out on your French or Spanish holiday this year and your much-loved al fresco seafood fix.

The Kelly Oysters online shop will offer a special range of shellfish baskets and boxes, to cater for every taste: lovingly-tended, sustainable oysters, clams and mussels that owe their singular flavour to their unique growing environment – where the Atlantic tide meets Burren water sweetness and Connemara peat bogs.

The launch of our shop is the perfect time to sample our famous seasonal Native Flat Oysters – back from September through to April. Enjoy them at home and discover why these beauties are considered by many to be the world’s best-tasting oysters.

And of course, absolute Kelly freshness is guaranteed: all oysters are hand-selected, packed with seaweed in the company’s traditional baskets and shipped straight to your table, or with a click-and-collect service.

We can’t wait! See you 1st September!